Blue Rock AdvisorsTM, LLC is dedicated to being the leading focused manager of managers specializing in the low net exposure, long-short equity style of hedged portfolios.

We provide our clients with access to a diversified mix of the most talented and driven managers in this unique investment style. Blue Rock provides this access through a family of intelligently structured multi-manager funds that seek attractive return targets, controlled volatility and minimal correlation to other asset classes.

Founded in 1989 and 100% employee owned, Blue Rock has the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with a high-quality alternative investment product while employing processes and strategies designed to minimize risk.

Our Products

Blue Rock manages a variety of low net exposure, long-short equity multi-manager funds designed to meet our institutional clients’ unique needs. We advise a range of funds, from our flagship fund to our alpha overlay and liquid alpha funds.

Our managed portfolios are diversified across a wide range of stock selection methodologies implemented by Blue Rock’s underlying managers. We are also believers that size is counterproductive to performance, preferring to invest with smaller, more nimble managers. Our style-focused analytics and detailed due diligence and monitoring procedures assist a wide range of institutional fiduciaries to participate with greater confidence.

We seek the following investment objectives while managing our funds and portfolios:

• To achieve consistent positive returns across market cycles

• To lessen market risk

• To mitigate factor risks

We believe that a low net exposure, long-short equity approach can complement a wide range of institutional portfolios that are seeking to mitigate market direction risk and further diversify with low-correlated investments.

Our History

Founded in 1989 by Robert W. Fullerton, Blue Rock is dedicated exclusively to managing low net exposure, long-short equity multi-manager funds.

Blue Rock’s flagship fund was launched in 1989 with a single manager. The firm immediately began to research other managers offering low net, long-short portfolios and decided to focus entirely on this strategy.

In July 1991, Blue Rock’s flagship fund was converted from a single manager fund to a multi-manager fund. Mark Steen, Principal, joined the firm that same year.

Today, Blue Rock tracks and maintains research on more than 650 low net, long-short equity managers in our proprietary database. Blue Rock has over a 30-year track record investing exclusively with low net, long-short equity managers.

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